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Golnaz Abbaspour

Golnaz Abbaspour


Golnaz Abbaspour

gratuated modern dance from Vienna Conservatory, Austria-

she has 15 years experience of teaching dance-

she has 24 years of experience performing dance in various genres-

she has many dance coaching degrees from prestigious art centers-

Holder of a Zumba coaching certificate from Vienna, the capital of Austria-

Holder of high diplomas in Iranian, Arabic, Azeri, Spanish dance. Salsa. Salsa lady+styling-

Holder of a valid Waltz dance certificate specially for the bride and groom-

Various and numerous performances in the Grand Hall of Vahdat and Niavaran Palace in the capital of Iran, Tehran-

Performers at the International Kathak Festival of India, Spittelberg Theater in Vienna, Austria-

Vajra's participation in the international dance festival in Vienna-

Winning place in Indian Dance Festival, UNESCO Festival and Folklore Dance Festival in- 

Vienna, Austria